“Promised Land” appears in The Guardian

Sadira Joaquim had to move from Maputo to her mother in Cateme when her father died. Now she faces an uncertain future with no higher education or job opportunities and helps her family on the fields instead. Cateme village, a Vale resettlement compound with over 700 families from the villages of Chipanga, Mitete, Malabue-Gombe and Bagamoyo. Vale deliberately divided the communities in two with employed villagers moving to 25 de Setembro since it is closer to Moatize and the coal mine. The unemployed were resettled to Cateme, 40 km from the original town. While the most immediate problem of the community is the enormous distance to Moatize, their old habitat, they also suffer from unproductive farmland which can only be reached via a two hour walk, no access to markets and infrastructure and poorly constructed houses not fitted to the people's needs with temperatures inside reaching as high as 65° C due to the construction with tin clad roofs and missing isolation. (PANPHOTOS . COOPERATIVE)

Photography by Gregor Zielke

Gregor Zielke’s photo essay on resettled communities in Mozambique is featured in “The Guardian”

You can view the full essay here

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