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SPIEGEL online: Anti-Semitism in Germany

One of Gregor Zielke’s images from this year’s JEWROVISION is part of an article about anti-semitism in Germany here on SPIEGEL online From issue 15/2015 (April 4, 2015) of DER SPIEGEL.


An honest Charlatan

Today Jüdische Allgemeine published an article with Gregor Zielke’s images of Gilbert Jakubcyk, an old school gleeman, chain smoker and really really great guy. Read the story here and view the whole reportage images here Jüdische Allgemeine also published a slideshow of the images/story here:

He’s got Rhythm

Photography by Gregor Zielke Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Coco Schumann, a legend of Berlin Jazz and Swing of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. During the 1930s he was able to hide his Jewish identity but in 1944 was transported first to Theresienstadt, where he became a member of the Ghetto Swingers and later [...]


The double Life of a Hungarian Politician

Hitting the newsstands today is Italian magazine “Internazionale” with a report from Anne Applebaum accompanied by an image of Gregor Zielke on the double life of Hungarian politician Csanád Szegedi who was the leader of Hungary’s right wing JOBBIK party and learned that he was a jew himself.

On Display // Ravensbrück Memorial

One of Gregor Zielke’s images was recently added to the permanent collection of the new exhibition displayed at the former concentration camp / memorial Ravensbrück. The image shows German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and Chairman of the Jewish Claims Conference Julius Berman signing the new article 2 agreement for compensation to the victims of the Nazis [...]


Courrier International reports on mining
in Moatize, Mozambique

Out on the newsstands this week is French magazine “Courrier International” with a report on the mining boom in Tete Province with three of Gregor Zielke’s images. For those interested in the topic, please also see Gregor Zielke’s photo essay “Promised Land” or Peter Steudtners short films to the UN on forced resettlement in Northern Mozambique.  

Neue Bildungs-Online-Plattform zu Extraktiven Ressourcen in Mosambik

Konzept & Programmierung: Magdalena Freudenschuß & Peter Steudtner Webdesign: Gregor Zielke “Streit um Ressourcen” ist die neue Bildungs-Online-Plattform, die im Auftrag des KoordinierungsKreises Mosambik erstellt wurde. Die multimedialen Module, als Prezi-Pfade gestaltet, können online und offline genutzt werden. Der Inhalt nutzt ausschließlich Perspektiven und Experisen aus Mosambik, um dem Bild von “die Expert_innen kommen aus [...]

Puzzle für blog

New educational online-platform on Extractive Resources in Mozambique

Concept & Programming: Magdalena Freudenschuß & Peter Steudtner Web design: Gregor Zielke “The Struggle on Resources” is the title of a new educational online platform, commissioned by the German-Mozambican Coordination Committee / KoordinierungsKreis Mosambik. The multimedia modules, designed as prezi-paths, can be used online and offline. The content is only using perspectives and expertise from [...]

“Promised Land” appears in The Guardian

Photography by Gregor Zielke Gregor Zielke’s photo essay on resettled communities in Mozambique is featured in “The Guardian” You can view the full essay here

gorleben365 exhibition

gorleben365: Exhibition around and for the Nonviolent Blockade Campaign

Design: Gregor Zielke Concept, Coordination & Texts: Peter Steudtner gorleben365: One year of civil disobedience. This was the promise of the organizers towards the German State and the company which is “exploring” the planned final nuclear waste disposal site in an old salt mine in Gorleben, Germany. As the salt mine is completely unsuited for [...]

Exhibition: Palliativecare - The Patient's View

Palliative Care from the Patient’s Perspective: Touring Exhibition

Concept & Photography by Peter Steudtner Design: Gregor Zielke September 2012 Photoproject on the perspective of people living in palliative care. Together with Dr. Elisabeth Lohmann we captured the advantages and necessities of palliative care “through” the eyes of the patients. The result are now published as a mobile exhibition to raise awareness on “dying [...]

In China, Traces of German History

Photography by Gregor Zielke New in the archive! In China, Traces of German History – the small town of Qingdao was once occupied by German forces. The city has grown to a population of over 8 million but remains of former German governance are still visible in the old town and are even being preserved [...]

On Display

Photography by Gregor Zielke 27.2.2012 published in Jüdische Allgemeine »Ich bin nicht die Comedy-Polizei« Oliver Polak über seine neue Live-Show, eine Reise nach New York und die Gründe, warum er jetzt auch noch singt

Györgi Konrád, Author and Shoa survivor

György Konrád

Photography by Gregor Zielke György Konrád, Hungarian Author and Shoa survivor

China Urbanization

Photography by Gregor Zielke New in the archive! Urbanization in China – a story about rapid transition from villages to cities in eastern China.