gorleben365: Exhibition around and for the Nonviolent Blockade Campaign

gorleben365 exhibition

Design: Gregor Zielke
Concept, Coordination & Texts: Peter Steudtner

gorleben365: One year of civil disobedience. This was the promise of the organizers towards the German State and the company which is “exploring” the planned final nuclear waste disposal site in an old salt mine in Gorleben, Germany. As the salt mine is completely unsuited for such a final waste disposal site – as if there would be one in the world… – the nonviolent resisters from different groups from all over Germany and even one group from France made more than 100 blockades in front of the six gates of the construction site. More information on the campaign gorleben365 and the successor campaign gorleben365plusX here.

The exhibition is portraying the campaign and in the way it is designed on heavy truck canvas with the possibility of fitting it to steel cables in can be used as a blockading element on gates. It comprises of 27 banners on six main thematic issues relating to the six entrance gates to the construction site.

You can view the whole exhibition here.


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