Nach der Mauer / Depois do Muro: Documentary Dialogue Film now Online


A Project by Peter Steudtner

Duration: 32‘  / Subtitles: Portuguese / German

This Documentary – Dialogue Film portrays seven “Madjermanes” out of the more then 20.000 Mozambicans, who came during the 1980s to the former GDR to receive professional training and ended up working to pay off the Mozambican debts towards the GDR. About 3.000 stayed on in Eastern Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, all others returned home to Mozambique.

The Film supports the dialogue process between the “German” and the “Mozambican” Madjermanes, as both sides have the feeling, that the other side does not see their hardships since the breakdown of the wall.

Filmed in straight intervews edited with photographic images of their daily lifes, this film tells in intese words and images the aftermaths of state organized migration.

With: Justino Chana, Zegerino Chicuamba, Olga Macuacua, Beatriz Massinga, Eugénio Maungue, Humberto Sitoe

Director: Peter Steudtner

Production: Mahla Filmes & PANPHOTOS.COOPERATIVE

Directors of Photography: Pipas Forjaz + Peter Steudtner

Still Photography: Mauro Pinto + Peter Steudtner

Music: Nelson Munhequete

Editing: Mickey Fonseca + Pipas Forjaz

Sound: Andreas Freudenschuß

Commission & Financing: ICMA – Goethe Zentrum Maputo

Maputo / Berlin 2012

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